Arrivée d’Erica Eneqvist au LATTS

Le LATTS accueille du 16 au 27 septembre 2019 Erica Eneqvist, doctorante à KTH Stockholm et project manager à RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, Elle est lauréate d’une bourse de l’association franco-suédoise de recherche (AFSR). Dans le cadre de sa thèse, Erica Eneqvist travaille sur les enjeux de smart et d’innovation vu des gouvernements locaux.

Governing testbeds: the roles of local governments in local innovation

Experimental urban governance is increasingly being implemented around the world to address a wide range of complex sustainability challenges. Cities conduct experiments in living labs, test beds and platforms to realise more desirable future conditions. The experimental protocols are typically designed and managed through public private partnerships and triple helix collaborations where the local authority serves as a key stakeholder. This stretches the responsibilities of the local authority beyond the conventional practices of policymaking and regulation to engage in more applied and recursive forms of urban planning and development.

In her doctoral studies she is examining how local authorities contribute to and are affected by experimental governance. Currently she is working on three different papers, all of them with the City of Stockholm as the empirical material. Through interviews with people who are engaged in different kinds of projects, test beds or other innovation activities she is trying to understand what kind of roles the local government have in experimental set ups, if the local government works different in different innovative settings and also how the democratic legitimacy is affected by the experimental governance.

Overall, the findings point towards new practices of governance for local authorities that is defined by collaboration, entrepreneurship and innovation. This has long term consequences for democratic principles at the local scale.


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