Susana Neves Alves


I am a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow at LATTS undertaking a project on ‘Infrastructural Challenges in Smaller African Cities: Digital Technologies and Water Infrastructure for Sustainable Towns?’ Before joining LATTS in January 2021, I was a ESRC Postdoctoral Fellow based at the University of Cambridge. Prior to that, I held Research Associate positions at the Development Planning Unit, University College London and the Urban Institute, University of Sheffield. I completed my PhD in Geography at University College London in 2017.

My research interests centre on urban development in the Southern city, urban infrastructure, and geographies of the everyday, focusing particularly on smaller cities. My empirical focus is on smaller cities in Guinea-Bissau and Mozambique.



Neves Alves, Susana (2019) The everyday and the state in urban infrastructure: insights from ethnographic explorations of state practices. Environment and Planning C: Politics and Spaces, 1-18.

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Tuvikene, Tauri, Susana Neves Alves and Hanna Hilbrandt (2017) Strategies for relating diverse cities: A multi-sited individualising comparison of informality in Bafatá, Berlin and Tallinn. Current Sociology 65.2, 276-288.

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