Ludovic Halbert

My research

Trained as an economic geographer and planner, my work focuses on urban dynamics and how they are affected by the transformation of productive systems (globalization, financialization), the changing financial circuits involved in urban production, and evolving urban development policies (planning, economic development).

Research interest: After having probed the intra- and inter-urban locational patterns of firms in a context of globalizing economies, I am currently going through a new research cycle critically questioning how various financial circuits interact with the material fabric of urban systems in different national contexts. Such works include a study of the financialization of real estate and infrastructure and the increased importance of capital markets in the construction and ownership of urban “assets”. I also look at the social housing financing system and at the provision of buy-to-let residential properties in France as other types of financial circuits.

Research fields: France, European cities, India. Due to collaborations, I have also published works on Mexican and Brazilian cities.

Collaborations: Involved in research consortia since my doctoral research years, I am particularly interested in collaborative research with academics (research, post-docs and PhDs) as well as with other stakeholders (NGOs, public authorities, firms). To contact me: ludovic.halbert @


Special issues & Books

L. Halbert, Pinson, G., Sala-Pala, V. (2021) Contester les métropoles. Métropoles, Dossier thématique.

M. Drozdz, Guironnet, A., Halbert, L., «Les villes à l’ère de la financiarisation », Métropolitiques, Dossier spécial.

L. Halbert and K. Attuyer (2016) The financialization of urban production. Urban Studies, Special Issue. May 2016.

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L. Halbert, C. Rozenblat and P. Cicille (2012) Quelles métropoles en Europe ? Paris: La Documentation Française.

L. Halbert (2010) L’avantage métropolitain. Paris: Presses Universitaires de France.

L. Halbert, (2004) Densité, desserrement, polycentrisme et transformation économique des aires métropolitaines. Interpréter la concentration des activités d’intermédiation dans la zone centrale de la région francilienne. PhD Thesis manuscript, Paris: University. Paris-1



L. Halbert, Pinson, G., Sala-Pala, V. (2021) Contester les métropoles. Métropoles, Introduction au dossier thématique.

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Halbert L. and H. Rouanet (2014) Filtering risk away: global finance capital, transcalar territorial networks and the (un)making of city-regions: property developments in Bangalore. Regional Studies 48 (3) :471-84. doi: 10.1080/00343404.2013.779658

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International & national Research Collaborations (selection, non-exhaustive list of partners)

  • 2019-23   INVEST (PI), Agence Nationale de la Recherche. Univ. Paris-Est, Ecole des Mines, Iniv. de Perpignan, Univ. Aix en Provence, Univ. Avignon.
  • 2020-23   VIF : La vente des Hlms en France  (contributeur), Univ. de Paris, Gustave Eiffel, de Tours, Institut Paris Région, Cerema
  • 2018-22    Ateliers acteurs-chercheurs sur l’investissement public local. Réseau des Finances locales.
  • 2017-21     Investissement public local (co-PI), Caisse des Dépôts et consignations.
  • 2012-16     FINURBASIA   (co-PI), Property and capital markets in Asia, Agence Nationale de la Recherche. Incl. N. Aveline (Paris-1 Uni. FR), C. Chien (Taiwan Uni. TW), L. Hin Li (Hong Kong Uni. CN), T. Theurillat (Neuchâtel Uni. CH), A. Varrel (EHESS/IFP, IN).
  • 2010-12      ACME (PI) Comparative analysis of European metropolises. French Prime Min.’s Office. Incl. D. Pumain (Paris-1 FR), C. Vandermotten (Brussels Uni. BE), C. Rozenblat (Lausanne Uni. CH), etc.
  • 2008-09      CURE (National Partner, NA). Cultural industries and urban resilience. URBAN-NET. Incl. R. Kloosterman (Amsterdam Uni. NL), D. Power (Uppsala Uni. SE), M. Guvenc (Bilgi Uni. TR), etc.
  • 2007-08       Creative Metropolis (PI). Clusters and cultural industries. French Min. of Planning & Culture. Incl. A. Brandellero (Amsterdam Uni. NL), U. Waellisch (Loughborough Uni. UK), P. Callenge (Paris-1 FR).
  • 2006-07        ESPON 1.4.3. (National Partner). Study on urban functions in Europe. ESPON Programme. Incl. C. Vandermotten (Brussels Uni. BE), P. Korcelli (Polish Acad. of Sci. PL), A. Ilies (Oradea Uni. RO), etc.
  • 2003-05        POLYNET. (National Partner). European city-regions. European Regional Development Funds. Incl. P. Hall & K. Pain (Young Foundation), F. Convery (Uni. College Dublin), T. Freitag (Heidelberg Uni.), R. Kloosterman (Amsterdam Uni.), M. Hoyler (Loughborough Uni.), A. Thierstein (Munich Uni.), etc.


Academic Positions

  • 2005-           Researcher, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (LATTS).
  • 2004-05      Lecturer, Geography, University Paris-1.



  • 2001-04       PhD, Geography, University Paris-1.
  • 1997-00        B.A. and M.A., Planning, Urban & Economic Geography, University Paris-1.
  • 1997-01        Graduate Student, École Normale Supérieure (Fontenay/Cloud).



Scientific committee

  • Progress in Economic Geography
  • Métropoles


  • Environment and Planning A, Environment and Planning C, IJURR (International Journal of Urban and Regional Research), Regional Studies, « Territory, Politics and Governance » (TPG), Urban Geography, Urban Studies…
  • Annales de Géographie, Belgéo, Cybergéo, “Géographie, Economie, Société” (GES), L’Espace Géographique, Métropoles, Revue d’Économie Régionale et Urbaine, Revue française de socio-économie


Institutional responsibilities

Management of Research Team

  • 2007-           Founder the Fit In team (LATTS, Univ. Paris-Est).

Other responsibilities

  • 2013-19        Member of Scientific Board (Conseil de laboratoire), LATTS.
  • 2005-           Organizer of Scientific Seminar, LATTS, University Paris-Est.



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