Le LATTS à Boston pour le congrès annuel de l’AAG

Une délégation lattsienne s’est rendu à Boston pour le congrès annuel de l’American Association of Geographers du 4 au 9 avril.

Les communications réalisées :

Jonathan Rutherford – New techno-ecologies of the smart grid: producing digital urban natures?

Valerie November – Control rooms : what do they assemble exactly?

Servane Gueben Venière, Valérie November, Laurence Creton-Cazanave- Temporalities in crisis rooms. The example of the CCZ, SGZDS in Paris

Jonathan Fayeton – Setting the clock: time-related dilemmas in crisis management exercises

Sarra Kasri – Architecture as a Risk marker – The materiality of disaster’s rhythms

Morgan Mouton – ‘Modernity’: a useful category of analysis for the study of infrastructure provision in the Global South? Evidence from Metro Manila, the Philippines.

Aida Nciri – The failure of a success: innovative district heating in Alberta, Canada, and the politics of policy immobility

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