The metropolis inside/out, Learning from Greater Paris Region, TOD-IS-RUR Paris studio, 19-22 april 2022

Caroline Gallez (LVMT) and Nathalie Roseau (LATTS) organize this four days studio within the frame of the TOD-IS-RUR network (Program MCA-ITN-H2020). It will discuss the scientific positioning and operational objectives of the network, focusing on the Greater Paris Situation as both a case study and a learning experience for the whole research-training program (approaches, subjects, contexts, methods). Central themes addressed in this studio are:

. What is RUR (Rural Urban region) ? Insights from history, transport geography, modelling.

. How to analyse the relationships between transport network and places/territories?

. How to characterise the diversity of places and equity issues in relation to mass-transit access? Beyond transport aspects, how to assess the socio-spatial impacts of other public policies, such as housing or local development?

Studio Paris is coorganized by Laboratory Technics, Territories and Societies and Laboratory City, Mobility and Transport. Practice-research seminars will associate the partner organizations of Atelier Parisien d’Urbanisme, AREP and Institut Paris Région. Field visits and walks in the northern Greater Paris will engage unconventional methods of photography and fictional writing with the contribution of Raphaële Bertho and Adèle Gascuel.

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