Workshop du TYCO-WSS project

Sylvy Jaglin s’est rendue à l’Université Libre de Bruxelles (Faculty of Architecture) pour participer au worshop du TYCO-WSS project.

The TYCO-WSS research project (Typologies of Institutionalised Co-production of Water and Sanitation Services in the Urban South) aims at making a substantial contribution to the debate on sustainable urban service provision in the global South. To do so, it proposes an original approach to service provision that, first, focuses on alternative organisational arrangements to produce urban services, based on (in)formal state-community coproduction practices and collaborations (institutionalised coproduction – ICO). Second, it intends to systematically explore spatial, environmental, technological, and social conditions of the diversified typologies of institutionalised service coproduction, and the implications they generate.

The general aim of this project is to understand and evaluate whether and under which circumstances co-production contributes to structural improvement in service delivery and in living conditions for city-dwellers (with respect to economic viability, environmental soundness and socio-spatial equity and cohesion). This general aim has been declined through two scientific activities:

  • first, to identify and categorise typologies of institutionalised WSS co-production practices and,
  • second, to explore and evaluate the effects of ICO practices through in-depth case studies.

This research has the ambition to move away from a single case study approach to propose a comparative work aimed at meeting project’s objectives. Five cases are proposed to explore institutionalised coproduction in the Global South : Addis Ababa, Cochabamba, Kinshasa, Hanoi and Mumbai.

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